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Also known as a ruptured disc or a slipped disc, a herniated disc is usually the result of lifting heavy object the wrong way or a result of an accident that causes trauma or injury to the spine. Anything involving a disc breaking, rupturing or slipping is a herniated disc. People with weakness in the lower muscles, leg pain or back pain sometimes get a diagnosis as being a patient that suffers from herniated discs. These can either be caused gradually with repetitive nerve straining or by an accident or sudden fall.

Many times, people who go through this condition already have an existing problem called spinal stonosis which causes narrowing of the spinal nerves and the spinal cord. When a herniated disc happens, the nerve spaces are diminished further and as a result, the nerves get irritated.

Herniated Disc Los Angeles

Herniated Disc Treatment in Los Angeles

At ProMed Spine, there are treatments that people with herniated discsĀ can undergo. Usually, knowing how severe the injury is will determine treatment. If nerves have been pinched in the process, pain management will need to be part of the treatment. Often, physical therapy is also undergone coupled with medications that control pain. Some get cortisone injection treatments while others are recommended for a surgical procedure.

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Knowing all you can about the condition will go a long way towards understanding why your physician made the prescription and recommendation that they did. As a general rule, the degree of how much damage was done to your disc will determine what treatments will be prescribed. Keep in mind that no matter how bad your condition happens to be, relaxation and rest will go a long way towards ensuring that no further damage occurs. This will also put you quickly on the road to recovery.

If you areĀ seeking treatment for a herniated disc in Los Angeles, be sure to contact ProMed Spine today. Speaking with an experienced spinal surgeon can allow you to get the help you need!

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