What Are The Survival Rates For Prostate Cancer?

Getting a cancer diagnosis at any age or stage of life can be frightening, confusing, and overwhelming. While medical developments and treatments are advancing every day and helping to prolong a patient’s life, as well as quality of life after a diagnosis, it can be difficult for patients to remain positive and confident in the face of such serious and potentially life-threatening news.

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Prostate Cancer Los Angeles

What to Do After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

It might sound impossible and counter intuitive, but one of the most important things a patient facing a cancer diagnosis can do is to stay calm and try not to panic. Some degree of stress and anxiety are naturally unavoidable, but too much stress and anxiety can be detrimental to a patient’s overall health and ability to fight and recover from disease.

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Prostate Cancer Survival Rate Numbers

Staying informed and knowing what patients in similar situations have experienced can be comforting for some patients. In some cases, patients may even find hope and the will to be positive about their likelihood of beating cancer if the survival rates and prognosis for their disease are optimistic.

Survival rates refer to the percentage of patients that were still alive, and in many cases cured, of their disease after a particular number of years. For prostate cancer the relative survival rates are:

  • 5 year – almost 100%
  • 10 year – 99%
  • 15 year – 94%

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If you are at risk of prostate cancer, it’s critical that you contact a urological expert as soon as possible. With the proper diagnosis, a urologist can help determine your risk of prostate cancer and necessary treatment options.

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